30 Positive Reinforcement Tips to Train Your Dog

Making training fun may be the easiest and quickest way to train a dog quickly. Dogs like people learn differently, negative reinforcement rarely works and can backfire on the trainer.

Not sure where to start with positive reinforcement? Dogvills has 30 invaluable tips when it comes to dog training to get you started on the road to having a good dog.

Dogs don’t learn overnight. Don’t expect miracles in just a few sessions. Keep trying and stay positive.

My favorite 7 tips are

2. Keep plenty of training treats on hand during your sessions. Give the dog a treat as soon as he does what you want. In this way, he will connect your cue word with the appropriate behavior.

4. Cue words should be short and simple. For example, “Wave,” “Sit,” “Fetch,” or “Come.” If it’s something too long, your dog is not going to remember it, and he will get confused.

6. Say the command word only once and wait for your dog to respond.

8. You shouldn’t reward behavior that you don’t want. Offer treats and praises only when your Rover does something you want. Not for chewing your shoes.

14. Organize several short sessions during the day. They should be around 3-5 minutes.

27. At the end of the lesson, give your dog a chewy treat and don’t forget to tell him that he did well.

30. Don’t start a training session if you’re not feeling up to it or your dog is not in a good mood. Training requires patience, and if you’re feeling snippy your dog will know it.

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