50 Ways to Save Money on Dog Expenses

Taking care of a dog can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways you can reduce the cost. Chasing Dog Tales has 50 ways you can save a few dollars here and there on dog expenses.

My favorites are

1. Don’t shop, adopt!

Find your pup at a local shelter or rescue and you’ll save a lot of money and usually the spay/neuter expense and some vaccinations are included in the adoption fee too. If you’re looking for a pure-bred dog, check for a breed-specific rescue in your area.

2. Don’t skimp on food.

Cheap, low-quality food offers little nutritional value and it will cost you more in the end with related health issues and higher vet bills. Bonus! Dogs will normally eat less (and poop less) when fed a high-quality food.

21. Buy quality items when it matters.

Dollar store finds are good sometimes but buying cheap items over and over again because they break doesn’t really save money. It pays to invest in quality items, like collars and leashes, that are safer for your dog and will hold up longer.

35. An once of prevention can save a lot of money.

Keeping your dog at a healthy weight, regular exercise, annual vet checks, preventative care, and parasite control methods can prevent major health issues and expenses later on. Brushing your dog’s teeth or even rubbing a little gauze or cloth along their gum line can help prevent expensive dental cleanings and even extend your dog’s life.

42. Save on prescription medications.

Compare the cost of buying your dog’s medications from your vet with prices from online pharmacies and local stores like Kroger or Costco. Some drug companies have discounts or loyalty programs that offer savings on the drugs themselves or credits that can be applied towards services at your vet’s office.



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