Breaking Up a Dog Fight – What to Do and What NOT to Do

How do you break up a dog fight? Very carefully! Breaking up a dog fight can be tricky and dangerous. Dogvilla shares tips on what to do and what not to do when Fido & Spot fight.

Breaking up a fight requires skill and if you remember just one thing, it should be to Use the Wheelbarrow Method

There is really only one effective way for breaking up a dog fight, in my opinion – the wheelbarrow method. While this method is best done by two people, if you’re alone, go for the aggressor. This is the dog putting out the most effort. Neutralizing him will most likely end the fight.

The wheelbarrow method is almost exactly as it sounds. You grab the dog as if you’re grabbing a wheelbarrow, with his hind legs as the handle. ONLY do this if you can safely grab the hind feet. If you can, grab the hind feet and begin pulling backwards. This will put the dog off-balance. This effectively prevents him from further attack and stops biting. When you put the dog in this off-balance position, he will lose his footing or at least his balance. Most times, this will end the fight.

  • Don’t Go for the Collar
  • Don’t Kick at the Attacking Dog
  • Don’t Use Mace or Pepper Spray
  • Don’t Go for the Leash
  • Do Use the Wheelbarrow Method


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