Bulldog Watches Horror Movie, And His Reaction Is All Of Us

Khaleesi is all of us when you are watching a scary movie and you know evil is just around the corner but the characters in the movie have no idea they are about to walk into danger.

Khaleesi the bulldog loves watching horror movies and always tries to protect any potential victims from harm,” writes the canine’s owner Dawn Curran.

And YouTube commenters seemed to love the little dog’s reaction, with one writing:

Calm down, dog. I’ve been yelling at dumbasses in horror movies for years. It never helps. They’re dead.

While another added:

Conclusive proof that horror movie protagonists really are less intelligent than dogs. Come on, writers.

Others were more concerned about Khaleesi.

Dogs going to have nightmares for days – a commenter wrote

At least you tried to help them, Khaleesi.

(h/t: distractify)

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