Dog Who Lost Her Best Friend Was So Lonely — Until She Got 4 Foster Kittens

She gets so happy when they approach her. She just closes her eyes and starts to smile.

When Flora’s family adopted a 20-year-old cat named Dexter, the energetic malamute fell hard for him, and the pair became best friends. The family adopted Dexter from Best Friends Animal Society knowing he may not have much time left — but when he passed away two years later, it was still incredibly hard on everyone, especially Flora.

“Flora was very worried and sad,” Jill Williams, Flora’s mom and a manager at Best Friends Animal Society, told The Dodo. “She paced around and whimpered. She spent a lot of time outside and did not want to come in. She would howl, which she rarely does, and it broke our hearts.”

To try and help ease Flora’s pain, the family adopted two young cats, but they didn’t like to cuddle with Flora the way Dexter did. Poor Flora still seemed to feel like something was missing — until her family decided to foster some kittens.

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