How To Teach Your Dog To Stop Pulling on Leash

Dogs pulling on their leash happens to every day and it can be extremely frustrating not to mention dangerous as a strong dog can hurt the walker by pulling too hard or suddenly.

Here are some videos illustrating various methods of teaching a dog not to pull on a leash.

Eric Straetmans – How to stop a dog from pulling in MINUTES not DAYS or WEEKS!

This video demonstrates a pop back of the leash correction when the dog’s paws move in front of the handler’s feet. This way the dog is side by side with the handler during the walk.

SolidK9Training – Stop leash pulling in 5 minutes

This video demonstrates a technique using a prong collar and structured walk. As you walk you want the dog to be focused on the handler. If the dog pulls, you simply flick your wrist to correct the dog.

Walk like George, Always walk like George

Nanci Creedon Dog Behaviour Consultant – Train your dog to stop pulling on the leash in four easy steps

This video demonstrates getting the dog to associate the desired behavior with commands using treats reward techniques.

Dog Training by – How to Train a Dog to “Heel”

This video demonstrates teaching a dog the ‘heel’ command using treats and without using a leash. Once the dog learns the command, he/she will be able to walk nicely on a leash.

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